Learning to Edit
I've got three computers working at the same time. On one, a video is converting for publishing. On another, I'm running a movie. Of course, on this one, I'm working some magic blogging. Just before beginning the video editing, I tackled some photo art. This is such a never ending learning process, I've accepted that it may take years to become really good at it. That's not something many people know about me- I love art. Painting, drawing, editing pictures are some of my favorite things to do.

 It took me a few weeks, while balancing my other responsibilities, to learn a few things. It makes me happy, to be able to understand new things. So far, I'm at about a 12% operating ability with Cyberlink Photo Director. About once a week, I try a new function. Can you believe there are college courses taught for this? I have massive respect for IT people, especially graphic designers.
The day will come, in the distant future, when I'll no longer …

Very Frustrated.

Technical Difficulties Hi everyone! Hopefully, up to this point, you've all enjoyed my blog for Recently, laws in the European Union have changed, making access to my website a bit challenging. I assure you, my network is feverishly updating these links, making your memberships much more enjoyable. It's taking quite a bit of work, but, they should be finished in the near future. 
In the meantime, please  feel free to enjoy this blog. There will always be plenty of photos for you to view. If you need something more advanced, you can always check out my Twitter page, @alurajenson

I'm so grateful you've all been members of alurajensonxxx and look forward to entertaining you for a very long time. 

Carefully Legal Appetite

A Barely Legal Appetite I used to think there was something wrong with me. In face, I grew into my early adulthood wondering why my appetite was so much more advanced than anyone I knew. These thoughts caused me shame, loneliness, and unfulfilled desire.  
Wanting to have sex all the time became a distraction at work, in college, and socially. I had the worst time seeing friends as friends and not lovers. Everything I knew about the world told me that my carnal needs were wrong, that I had to conform to the standards set by my upbringing and by cultural boundaries. Eventually, these internal conflicts began to spill over into my professional and personal comforts. I simply couldn't hold myself back anymore.  Exhausted from hiding who I really was, I threw my hands up in the air and started participating in my most luscious desires. Men, women, group sex, stranger sex (my favorite), swinging...I wanted it all. I wanted to dive into every possible legal form of sexual activity. My …

Houston Will Remember Me!

Gang Bang in A Biker Bar
I've made not secret about the fact that I love fucking random strangers. Well, my trip to Houston was a magna-cum-loudly of an experience! Dicey Grenor, a published erotic horror author, flew me to Houston to host a few public affairs events. These were autograph signings where fans could meet me and hang out with me. I do them all the time in Vegas and LA.  Usually, I wind up in someone's bed before making a graceful exit. Lol. I only stay for the fucking and I get the Hell out of dodge. After all, it's about the sex. I'm not trying to get hitched or catch feelings for anyone. 
Sometimes, only rarely, I'll get so lucky that an entire room full of men, women, or both will be into me. I take them all. On this night, there were about 30 hardcore bikers and their women at the event. They were of all walks of life, not one of those racially exclusive clubs. I started giving one of their much older members a topless lap dance, at the behest of…

Houston Has No Idea

Houston Has No Idea
In just a matter of two days, I'll be shooting a girl/girl scene, leaving the set to go to the airport. After a long stretch of phony lesbian theatrics, I'm going to be on fire for some dick. I love myself and I dig the fuck out of my sexual appetite.  About two years ago, I did this promotional gig, at a strip club in Houston. I don't know how many there are, but, this club owner flew in about a dozen pornstars and had an expo. It was great. Unfortunately, the guy turned out to be a con artist who attempted to shaft everyone on payment. Nonetheless, I had a great time and couldn't wait to get back to the city. I LOVED the men in Houston. Southern, spicy men. Oh my goodness. I was grateful, at the time, that my schedule was so structured.  This trip, however, I'll have lots of down time.......that's always a good thing for a prowling tigress.  Houston, I'm a hungry woman who can't get enough of you. We're going to have fun this w…

That Man Who Was Crossing The Street

Every once in a while, I think back to the woman inside me. She's been locked up and leashed, gagged and blindfolded. The woman I once was is a very, very bad girl. She knew few rules and cared little for the ones she did know. Two criteria would never and will never be crossed- a lover must be over 18 and willing to wear protection. Other than that, it's fair game. I'll seriously fuck anything and probably have.
On my way back to the office yesterday, following a hyper energetic scene with Shaun Dam, I saw a man crossing an intersection. My first thought was to pull the car over and pick him up. I wanted to revisit the days of fucking strangers. Ooooooh, I love to meet someone  who's unexpecting me and just commit acts of carnal acrobatics. I love the hunt, I love the shock and awe. I love the retreat back into anonymity.  Every once in a while, I'll take myself out for a night of drinks and music. Oh, the folly that is encountered. lingerie clad, tall heels, sex…

Male Pornstars- The Good, The Awful, The Greats!

Fuckable or Not?
Countless men and women have been in my bed, far too many for me to recall. In the many years that I've been a nymph, I've had sex thousands of times. Most people would be ashamed of that, but, I jokingly see it as an advanced education.  I've had drunken sex, corporate sex, extramarital sex, transgender sex, group sex, gang bangs, solo sex, freaky sex, monogamous sex, public sex. I've done it all. In that time, I've learned a few things about the types of lovers and how to determine, within the first few minutes of meeting an individual, if the impending fucking, on or off camera, will be worth my time.  This has very little to do with whether I like to person or not. I'm interested in the person's personality. There's a lot I can tell about a person's sexual energy when meeting them. This applies to all people, especially male pornstars:
First and most importantly, if the individual looks me in the eyes when saying hello for the f…