A Neat Time Lapse.....

A Time Lapse You'll Enjoy
I've been in the industry for seven years now....most of them spent with Pornstar Platinum. When I first joined, my look was raw. Still buxom, but, with so much room to develop.... As you can see, my luscious figure was voluptuous, and, you can tell by the look on my face that I'm not super comfortable in front of the camera. I knew I needed to refine my physique. Then, started the transformation. The year following,  It was during this time that I really began to enjoy the glamour of the job. The fussing of the artists over my image gave me such confidence, I began to branch out, designing my own creation.  As you can see, by the emerging smile, my attitude started to shift. You can ALWAYS tell how I'm feeling about a scene, BEFORE it shoots, by the expression on my face in the still shots. The smirk in this photo means I was feeling pretty sassy. My plush figure was a little more lavish, for a while. After a year or two of being very plus siz…

This Was A Great Day!

This Was A Great Day Oh my  goodness,  this was such an awesome day! I met Richelle years ago, we live in the same, fantastic Las Vegas.  We both have an intense love of football, each loyal to our NFC East teams. She, a lifetime New York Giants fan, and I, a hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fan, thought it would be a hoot to do a division rival porno spoof.  Needless to say, the comedic script, we co-wrote, turned out to be a hilarious hit on the set. We were trying so hard not to laugh at our lines, we almost forgot we were working. Richelle is a true New Yorker. She's spunky, zesty, brutal with her sh*t-talking. I was surprised that such a little woman could pack such a big personality on camera. Needless to say, we wound up making an ultra succulent sex scene, which is in editing right now at Pornstar Platinum headquarters. I really hope you all enjoy this one. I know I did! 

Can't Help Myself.....

Can't Help Myself...... I spend hours, literally hours a day editing and uploading. Hours a day, immersed in content of explicit images and sounds. My schedule has been completely swamped over the last few days. In the next week, I'm shooting six new, full scenes for alurajensonxxx.
 In this next set of production madness, a completely worship-worthy foot job is included. Probably my best foot work, to date! The scene stars Ronnie Hendrix, of Las Vegas. Up and coming male talent, he's got a special appreciation for a woman's feet!
 Production is staged and shot in a rising studio, EA Productions, of Las Vegas. Owned and operated by Eliza Allure, award winning director and talent, her crew is exceptional. I'm really working hard to upgrade all aspects of the site. That includes hiring new photographers and videographers!

I'm spending about ten to twelve hours a day, after shooting, editing photos and video. In addition to this, the staff at Pornstar Platinum  h…

Wanna Read a Funny Story?

The Most Unusual Way to Get Sinusitis
So, this isn't for the faint of heart. If you're a crybaby pussy, click the ex at the top right corner of the page. This isn't for you. 
About a week and a half ago, I was rendering the most delicious blow job. Complete with deep throating, spit, hands, ball worship- the whole nine yards. At the conclusion of this blowjob, my partners appreciation was so enthusiastic, his climax shot straight up into my nose. Not kidding, no shit. It shot up the back of my throat, where I had placed the head of his cock. Rubbing the head on the back of my throat, during orgasm, simulates the feeling of deep sex. It makes the blow job's conclusion very, very intense.  As the love juice traveled up my nose, it filled my sinus cavity with gusto, shooting out of my nose. Lol. Yeah.....I was pretty freaking proud of myself, having just rendered a stellar blow job. My partner was out of breath and at a loss for words, too. The next morning, when I got o…
Learning to Edit
I've got three computers working at the same time. On one, a video is converting for publishing. On another, I'm running a movie. Of course, on this one, I'm working some magic blogging. Just before beginning the video editing, I tackled some photo art. This is such a never ending learning process, I've accepted that it may take years to become really good at it. That's not something many people know about me- I love art. Painting, drawing, editing pictures are some of my favorite things to do.

 It took me a few weeks, while balancing my other responsibilities, to learn a few things. It makes me happy, to be able to understand new things. So far, I'm at about a 12% operating ability with Cyberlink Photo Director. About once a week, I try a new function. Can you believe there are college courses taught for this? I have massive respect for IT people, especially graphic designers.
The day will come, in the distant future, when I'll no longer …

Very Frustrated.

Technical Difficulties Hi everyone! Hopefully, up to this point, you've all enjoyed my blog for Recently, laws in the European Union have changed, making access to my website a bit challenging. I assure you, my network is feverishly updating these links, making your memberships much more enjoyable. It's taking quite a bit of work, but, they should be finished in the near future. 
In the meantime, please  feel free to enjoy this blog. There will always be plenty of photos for you to view. If you need something more advanced, you can always check out my Twitter page, @alurajenson

I'm so grateful you've all been members of alurajensonxxx and look forward to entertaining you for a very long time. 

Carefully Legal Appetite

A Barely Legal Appetite I used to think there was something wrong with me. In face, I grew into my early adulthood wondering why my appetite was so much more advanced than anyone I knew. These thoughts caused me shame, loneliness, and unfulfilled desire.  
Wanting to have sex all the time became a distraction at work, in college, and socially. I had the worst time seeing friends as friends and not lovers. Everything I knew about the world told me that my carnal needs were wrong, that I had to conform to the standards set by my upbringing and by cultural boundaries. Eventually, these internal conflicts began to spill over into my professional and personal comforts. I simply couldn't hold myself back anymore.  Exhausted from hiding who I really was, I threw my hands up in the air and started participating in my most luscious desires. Men, women, group sex, stranger sex (my favorite), swinging...I wanted it all. I wanted to dive into every possible legal form of sexual activity. My …